Flash Express Rates

Flash Express rates offer highly competitive and affordable rates for its express delivery services. Their pricing structure is transparent and caters to various shipment sizes and destinations, making it suitable for domestic and international deliveries. Despite the cost-effectiveness, it maintains a high standard of service, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries for all types of parcels. Now your Flash Express Philippines parcel with just one click.

Whether you have urgent documents or valuable packages to send, Flash Rates provides a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. Their prices make them a preferred choice for businesses and individuals looking for reliable express shipping solutions. Flash express charges are based on the delivery destination from where to pick up and where to deliver. Its Weight (kg), Length (cm), Width (cm), and Height (cm) charges vary on it.

Flash Express Price in Malaysia

Discover the exclusive Flash for shipping parcels within various regions of Malaysia, including within the state, Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak. The total price displayed already incorporates the 6% Sales Service Tax, ensuring transparency and ease for customers.

flash express rates

Flash Express calculates rates based on the total actual weight or the volumetric weight of all packages in a shipment, using whichever is greater. To find the volumetric weight, simply multiply the parcel’s length, width, and height (in cm) and divide the result by 6000. Here is some example of charges in Malaysia.

Weight (kg)Within State (Peninsular)PeninsularSabahSarawak
0.51-1.00RM 7.95RM 11.66RM14.84RM12.72
5.01 – 5.50RM14.84RM24.38RM74.20RM72.08
5.51 – 6.00RM15.37RM25.44RM80.56RM78.44
6.01 – 6.50RM15.90RM26.50RM86.92RM84.80
6.51 – 7.00RM16.43RM27.56RM93.28RM91.16
7.01 – 7.50RM16.96RM28.62RM99.64RM97.52
7.51 – 8.00RM17.49RM29.68RM106.00RM103.88
8.01 – 8.50RM18.02RM30.74RM112.36RM110.24
8.51 – 9.00RM18.55RM31.80RM118.72RM116.60
9.01 – 9.50RM19.08RM32.86RM125.08RM122.96
9.51 – 10.00RM19.61RM33.92RM131.44RM129.32

Flash Express Rates Contact Details

Here are the contact details. To further get to know about the rates in Malaysia,
you can contact them via email, or call.

(01) 546 000 825

 Flash Malaysia Express SDN. BHD 201601028302 (1199241-H) Level 1, Tower 5, Avenue 7, The Horizon, Bangsar South City, No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.